OMFA INOX is specialized in Hot Closed Die Forging (with and without flash), which is a forging process that involves hot forming of a billet between two halves of a die.

In comparison with other manufacturing processes, the advantages of forging are multiples:
• forged Parts are stronger, reliable and less costly. Moreover, forged components have greater metallurgical properties;
• a broad size range of products can be offered and the fact that the forged parts requires fewer secondary operations enable to save time during the mechanical machining.

More Specifically, in comparison with the casting process, in the forging process the mechanical properties are improved and the Gas porosity defect (the formation of bubbles within the casting after it has cooled) can be avoided. Furthermore, a massive production of forged parts and components with stable tolerances can be guaranteed.
Concerning the stainless steel, the process of forging enhances and amplifies the existing qualities of the material. In particular, stainless steel is known for its corrosion resistance, enabling it to outlast and withstand harsher in aggressive and extreme environments.

Ultimately, the process of forging improves the mechanical properties of stainless steel, as a matter of fact forged stainless steel is commonly used because it combines the strength of steel with superior corrosion resistance.

In conclusion, OMFA Inox is specialized in hot closed die forging of stainless steel, especially small batches.
Our forged stainless steel parts and components are used in the following industries:
• Food and Beverage
• Oil and Gas
• Automotive
• Cryogenic
• Maritime