Our materials

We have been forging stainless steel for more than 40 years and, for the last few years, a variety of alloys, such as nickel alloys and AISI 430Nb (W.N. 1.4511), mainly used in petrochemical and automotive industries.
All our raw materials are supplied exclusively by the best European steel mills.
This is a list of the main alloys and grades we forge:

Stainless steel

Austenitic: AISI 304L (W.N. 1.4307) - AISI 316L (W.N. 1.4404) - AISI 321 (W.N. 1.4541) - AISI 316Ti (W.N. 1.4571)
W.N. 1.4435 complying with Basler Norm II (BN2) ferrite<0.5%
Martensitic: AISI 410 (W.N. 1.4006) – AISI 420 (W.N. 1.4028 – 1.4031) – AISI 431 (W.N. 1.4057)
Ferritic: AISI 430 (W.N. 1.4016) – AISI 430Nb (W.N. 1.4511)
Duplex: AISI F51 (W.N. 1.4462)

Nickel Alloys

Inconel 625 (UNS N06625)

Low-alloy steel and carbon steel